The Basque Flag is known as the Ikurriña and was created by the nationalist leader Sabino Arana. It is composed of a white cross and a green saltire set over a red background. The white cross represents Basque’s devotion to the Catholic religion while the red background symbolizes the Basque people. The green saltire is a reference to the Oak of Guernica, a symbol of the fueros. The flag was originally created for the province of Biscay but soon became a symbol for the entire basque nation. In Spain, the Ikurriña is the official flag of the Basque Country Autonomous Community (Euskadi). It is also frequently displayed in the basque region of Navarre. In France, the Ikurriña is rather used as a cultural symbol or as a touristic label for “Pays basque” products. The flag forms part of the Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon official flag, a French overseas community in North America that was settled in part by French Basque.